Fronte del Porto is the tattoo parlour where you can chose your next tattoo with specialised tattooers in many styles. Each tattooer will project with you the tattoo sketch with a customize drawing and execute precisely your tattoo.





Meaning and history of the tattoo "Rose of no man's land"

After Valerio Napoli, the latest arrival at Fronte del Porto, today we interviewed one of the many tattoo artists of the studio who started with an apprenticeship and has been one of our resident for some time: Michel Palma.

How did you approach the world of tattooing, what fascinated you?

I’ve always been attracted to tattoo iconography, subject and what it meant in some cultures. The first real approach to the world of tattooing was thanks to an old family friend who, by pure chance, showed me one of his very old faded tattoo, love was born there.

Do you remember the first tattoo you made?

I remember it like it was yesterday, I got my first tattoo done on me, a demon face on my thigh.

What is your favorite style or styles and how has your way of tattooing evolved over the years?

I am very attracted to blackwork because I love making works using only black. Inside this style I prefer dotwork and hetching, over time I am trying to merge the two approaches to find my own recognizable stylistic signature, the work is very long and requires in-depth study.

What do you think of the world of tattoos nowadays?

I believe that great strides have been made in recent years and that it has finally been recognized as an art form. For someone like me, who is passionate about this world, this can only please me

At what point in your career did you join the Fronte del Front family and what does it mean for you to work in this studio?

Fronte del Porto welcomed me as an apprentice, and after the period of “apprenticeship” I became a tattoo artist of this studio. There are millions of words with which I could define Fronte del Porto but I like one most: home.

What are your plans for next year?

Definitely continue to improve and learn, and then I hope to be able to do guests and conventions around Italy to make myself known.

Do you have any other passion outside the world of tattoos?

I love listening to music, sharing time with my grandchildren and my family, but above all watching old Italian films from the 90s.